Board of Directors Development

Barrie Segall, M.S.W.
Segall Nonprofit Consulting

What is a Board Development Retainer?

Most new agencies are focused on creating a delivery system to provide the services needed to fulfill their Mission and Vision, and do not spend enough energy on building the structure needed to ensure sustainability.

The Board Development Retainer program provides a expert partner to focus on the creation and development of a Board of Directors which will enable to agency to grow with a strategic plan and sustain that agency thorough the years with the resources, both human and fiscal, to implement its strategic goals.

Scope of Work:

The Board Development Retainer provides the agency with a half-day Board Retreat at which time the Board and staff will learn:

·     Fundamentals of creating a Self-Managed and Strategic Board.

·     Tools to recruit new Board members

·     The Roles and Responsibilities of the Board and staff.

The Board will then determine their priorities and create an Action Plan to implement these priorities.

Following the Retreat there will be two Board Tune-Up Meetings when the consultant can review the progress made by the Board and will provide additional assistance where needed.


The Board Development Retainer provides binder of materials to each Board member.

Included in this material are:

·     An Agency Self Assessment Schedule

·     The Ten Step Approach to Creating an effective Board of Directors

·     How to Conduct a Board Meeting

·     The Roles of Boards and Staff

·     A Step-by-Step Approach to Recruitment of Board Members

·     The Effective use of Committees and Task Forces

The Board Development Retainer includes a planning meeting with the Board and leadership, a half day Retreat, and two Board Tune Up Meetings.

The fee for the Board Development Retainer is $2500.